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Oct 9th 2018

Sweaty Betty!

Aug 6th 2018

Current status!

Jul 27th 2018

Jun 14th 2018

And so it begins.. World Cup fever starts now!

Jun 12th 2018

What really happened... #trumpmeetskim

Jun 6th 2018

Is it Friday yet?

Networking event

Jun 5th 2018

Swapping business cards...

May 27th 2018

Payback! - It is only May

May 18th 2018

Seeking inspiration...

May 12th 2018

John Motson retires...

Running around like a...

May 4th 2018

Running around like a..

When Virgin Media crashes

May 3rd 2018

Confessions of a


When Virgin Media crashes!!

April 23rd 2018

There were a million Jeffreys all under one roof!

Boris Johnson puts his foot in it again.

Watch me draw...

Crystal Palace appoint Roy Hodgson to save them.

Watch me draw...

Donald Trump................... the mind boggles!!

Watch me draw...


April 11th 2018

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